The apple doesn’t fall far from show biz…

  • Beyoncés sister Solange is an artist who’s getting bigger everyday, but will she ever take the crown from queen Bey?

  • R-Pattz has two sisters. Lizzy is a member of the punk band Aurora, while Victoria works in advertising.

  • Mary-Kate and Ashley aren’t the only ones in the Olsen family with ambition. Little sister Elizabeth has starred in several movies and is determined to make in on her own, without help from her sisters.

  • Ke$has brother, Louie Sebert, enjoys his sisters shows and has accompanied Ke$ha to a few A-list events.

  • Blake Lively was born into a show business family, here’s her sister Robyn who in early 1989 starred in the cult classic “Teen Witch”. It’s in the blood I tell you!

  • Emma Watson’s brother Alexander got an extra role in the first two Harry Potter films as well as appeared in a Burberry commercial together with his sister. It’s safe to say that Emma isn’t afraid to share the limelight!

  • Miley’s brother, Trace, is also a musician! His band Ashland High is still waiting for that big break though..

  • Elle is walking in big sisters Dakota’s footsteps, to the red carpet and up up and away.

  • Little brother Dave Franco is an actor just like his brother James, and yes, the looks runs in the family..

  • And we don’t know what the future holds for Justin’s siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon Bieber, only time can tell.

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    Do you recognise these celebrity siblings?

    We may not choose them ourselves, but like it or not: our siblings play a big part in our lives. It can be hard enough getting along with the people we share our DNA, but can you imagine the hassle being on the sideline to an international celebrity sibling?

    What would you do? Would you thrive on your sibling’s success or would you stay out of the limelight? Get inspired on the possibilities in our celebrity sibling gallery and let us know!

    Thursday, 05. September 2013