Terrence Howard ‘scary’

Terrence Howard faces new claims of domestic violence following fresh accusations from his former lover.

Terrence Howard is prone to “dangerous behaviour”, according to his former lover.

The 44-year-old Iron Man actor has now been accused of punching his ex-girlfriend May Seng Yang in the eye and the 40-year-old woman supports similar accusations made by his ex-wife Michelle Ghent.

“I believe Michelle. I’ve seen the same behaviour firsthand. He’s very likable, but when he gets in a certain headspace, it’s scary,” May told the New York Daily News Tuesday.

“He didn’t have these tendencies when I first met him, but in the last five years, he’s progressed to dangerous behaviour.”

May began dating Terrence when he was separated from his first wife Lori McCommas around 2005 and she says she was involved with Terrence well into his marriage with Michelle, which became official in 2010.

May claims he became abusive with her when she visited his Pennsylvania home in spring 2012 unannounced.

Terrence allegedly got upset when he saw May at his doorstep because he was hosting another woman at the time. May alleges he then “choked her, pushed her to the ground and punched her in her left eye”.

She then ran to a neighbour’s house to call 911, but she was ultimately taken into custody by police after he accused her of being the aggressor, claiming that she scratched his face.

May thinks Terrence lost it after his mother’s 2008 death and became “depressed”.

“He would say he wished he could just stop breathing,” she said.

Terrence officially got divorced from Michelle Ghent in May this year after she claimed he assaulted her.

In court documents reportedly obtained by TMZ, Michelle alleges the pair were involved in a violent dispute in a Toronto hotel room April 2013 during which he allegedly put an X-Acto blade to his wrist after she confronted him about cheating.

Michelle was purportedly granted a temporary restraining order against Terrence last month after accusing him of assaulting her seven days after their marriage, and on multiple occasions since then.
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Thursday, 05. September 2013