Bieber 'denies racial slur'

Justin Bieber was reportedly the target of a "cruel hoax" with the release of the controversial track What She Wants.

Justin Bieber’s spokesperson has reportedly denied the singer used a racial slur in a new song.

The 19-year-old pop star was at the centre of a backlash when a sexually-charged track called What She Wants was released on a YouTube account that looked similar to the crooner’s.

“You don’t please her right/I just make her moan/Looks like I’m the one how to put her in her zone/I’m what she want/I know how to treat her/She want me to be her n***a,” he was accused of singing.

According to TMZ, Justin’s representatives are calling the release a “cruel hoax”.

“We’re told Bieber had NOTHING to do with the song and has since launched his record label’s legal team to have the song wiped from the Internet,” the outlet claims.

The video has since been deleted from YouTube but not before clocking over 200,000 hits.

Viewers were up in arms over the racy content on social media.

“Justin Bieber done sang “N***a” in a song y’all. He done did it. You happy with y’all selves???? Miley next," one user tweeted, according to MStarz (sic).

“So Justin Bieber sings “she wants me to be her n***a” in his new song. While I’m not so much offended. I do feel he needs to be jumped in 1st," another wrote (sic).

The identity of the person responsible for recording the song and posting it on YouTube remains unclear.
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Wednesday, 04. September 2013