Queen B vs. Duchess Katy

  • Queen B vs. Duchess Katy!

  • Which one has the most dramatic look? Queen B is alright but Katy really knows how to fit into a corset. Point for Katy.

  • Who has the best crew? Katy's court ladies are kind of cool, but you can't compete with a royal Les Twins + DJ. Point Beyoncé!

  • Who has the hottest boots? Katy's black boots are sizzling but in comparison with Bey's vampire boots. Point to Beyoncé!

  • Who has the best corset? Katy's red one is on fire, but Beyoncés in gold are unbeatable. Point to Beyoncé!

  • Wha has the best wig? Beyoncés hair is beautiful with a modern twist while Katy goes all in with that tower. Point to Katy!

  • Who smells the best? Beyoncés parfume comes in a royal bottle, but Katy have a label of her own... Point to Katy.

  • Who's spire is the most royal one? Bey's spire of gold is impressive, while Katy's is multi functional with her Parfume on top. Point to Katy.

  • Who has the best crown? Bey impresses with a small crown while Katy goes all in with jewels - so noble! Point to Katy Perry.

  • Who has the best jewellary? Katy goes jewels, but it doesn't beat Bey's oriental hand jewellary. Point to Bey.

  • Who has the hottest knight decorations? Katy carries her initials on the body, but Bey has Jay-Z not only in her heart but also on her corset! Point to Beyoncé!

  • Who has the best make up? Katy's is dramatic, but not as royal while Beys lucious skin just blows you away. Point to Bey.

  • So, who's the queen of our hearts? Beyoncé wins with 6-5! Sorry Katy, but there can only be one queen.

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