Gaga stunned by meaty hugs

Lady Gaga thinks anyone who embraced her while wearing the meat dress should have "aborted the mission".

Lady Gaga is surprised anyone hugged her while she was wearing the meat dress.

The eccentric popstar caused a stir when she sported an outfit made entirely of meat at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Singer Florence Welch admitted she was reluctant to embrace Gaga in the bizarre creation and looking back, the 27-year-old is amazed anyone let her get close to them.

“I love it when things stink; that’s why I did the meat dress,” she laughed to BBC Radio 1.

“Poor [Florence], she could have taken [the hug] back, abort mission!”

Gaga took a temporary break from music when she suffered a painful hip injury earlier this year.

She’s now made a return to the spotlight, promoting her new music and sporting several crazy outfits over the past few weeks.

“I missed being on stage. I always love seeing my fans outside, but I wouldn’t say I missed the fame, if that makes any sense,” she explained.

“I had a labral tear, which is really bad and very painful. But then they found a crater in my hip, from repeated use and dancing too hard and fatigue and doing a lot of shows.

“But I’m really happy to be back and I do feel back, because even though I’m present in my mind as a person, I don’t really feel truly alive unless I’m on stage.”

While it might seem like Gaga lives an extraordinary life, the singer insists she’s like everyone else in her spare time.

However, she can’t help bringing a sense of drama to even the most mundane activities.

“I sit and watch TV with my parents and eat spaghetti and meatballs, but I do shout at the TV. My dad is like, ’Can’t you just enjoy it?’” she giggled.
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Monday, 02. September 2013