Protective mom Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher used to be very protective of her daughter but is slowly starting to let go.

Teri Hatcher is sure her daughter would be OK if she “dropped off the face of the earth”.

The 48-year-old Desperate Housewives star has Emerson Rose with her ex-husband Jon Tenney.

Teri’s fighting attitude is instilled in the teenager.

“You know, when she was a baby, I’d write a letter to her, every time I’d get on a plane for work, in case something happened to me – remember to enjoy your life and do this and don’t beat yourself up, whatever,” she laughed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“It must be a fear of leaving a child motherless. She’s 16 now. She’s terrific. I don’t want to drop off the face of the earth, but if I did, it would be sad, but she would be OK.”

The star voices character Dottie in Disney’s flick Planes.

Travel is one of the things Teri always wanted to make available to her daughter.

“I love that planes afford us to see the world. I think it’s the best thing you can do for children, to get them exposed to different things, to meet different cultures, whether it’s on a plane or road trips. I do some sort of exotic trip every summer,” she smiled.

The brunette has achieved much since starting out in the showbiz industry.

Looking back on her career makes Teri proud – but also makes her feel a little old.

“I think about work I did as far back as even The Big Picture, or Soapdish, or Lois & Clark, I was very invested,” she recalled.

“I meet people, like 22-year-old girls, who say, ‘I am becoming a journalist because of your performance of Lois in Lois & Clark.’ It makes me go, ‘Thank you, wow I am so old!’”
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Sunday, 01. September 2013