Liz Hurley: Heart rules head

Elizabeth Hurley is really strict about children having good manners, but thinks the heart should rule the head.

Elizabeth Hurley would always let her son follow his heart.

The model-and-actress has Damian, 11, with Steve Bing, who she had a brief relationship with in 2001.

While the way he behaves is very important to Elizabeth, she’s keen for Damian to make his own decisions.

“I’m like an Italian mother and think my son is the bees knees,” she chuckled to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“We’re very close and I find him very interesting. I’m extremely strict about manners and appropriate behaviour, but very relaxed about him following his heart and choosing his own path – albeit with some guidance.”

Elizabeth’s nephew Miles, 16, is just starting out as a male model.

Having been in the industry herself, the star has some words of wisdom for her young family member.

“Miles is a great looking teenager and I hope he does well,” she smiled.

“Of course to me he’s still my baby nephew and so I constantly warn him about what can happen in the big bad world.”

Currently Elizabeth is engaged to Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

Dating a sportsman doesn’t mean the star, 48, is any more familiar with the rule of the game.

“Hmmm… I know some of them, but I usually have to look anxiously at someone when a big cheer goes up as I’ve often got the wrong end of the stick!” she admitted.
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Sunday, 01. September 2013