John Legend: MJ is king

John Legend feels lucky to have met Michael Jackson.

John Legend says Michael Jackson is the ultimate legend.

The musician gushed about the late King of Pop in a new interview, claiming he is one of the greatest people ever. John can’t believe he was lucky enough to meet him.

“He’s the soundtrack to people’s lives,” Legend exclaimed to British magazine Marie Claire.

“I was at a dinner with him in Bahrain during the Formula One. We talked about music, travelling… you know, international musicians small talk.”

John was “ecstatic” when he won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2006.

The prestigious prize was his proudest moment in music, something his hero Michael knew all about after picking up 13 Grammies throughout his career.

He also opened up about what cheers him if he ever feels a little low. Happiness for John comes in the form of food.

“Southern soul food and hearty Italian food. Fried chicken and macaroni cheese are my specialties- they’re awesome together,” he said.

Not that he’ll be showing off any of his home cooking at his upcoming nuptials to model Chrissy Teigen.

A “really good” wedding planner is taking care of all the arrangements, but John says he probably won’t be able to resist the urge to perform for his new bride.

“I might sing a song or two, like All Of Me, which I wrote for her, from the new album,” he admitted.
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Sunday, 01. September 2013