Zayn Malik: Fans are physical

Zayn Malik doesn't feel "haunted" by his inability to dance as One Direction are so popular now.

Zayn Malik often has fans “kinda jumping” on him.

The handsome One Direction star and bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan send teenage girls into hysterics wherever they go.

Currently they are busy promoting their movie This Is Us and 20-year-old Zayn admits things can get intense.

“It’s always interesting. Normally they scream and there’s a bit of a shake,” he revealed to British magazine Star.

“They kinda jump on you, but it’s cool either way. It gets overwhelming. Too much? No, definitely not.”

One Direction was formed on the British version of The X Factor and took third place in the 2010 talent competition.

Zayn originally had doubts about staying in the band as he isn’t very coordinated when it comes to dance moves.

“It doesn’t haunt me, it makes me laugh when I look back, and that might have been the case and I could have blown it. I’m glad I went back and we did it – and that we decided we were a band that wouldn’t do too much dancing,” he smiled.

Liam recently revealed that Zayn finds it tough to get out of bed for rehearsals.

Initially this caused some problems for the band.

“No, literally when we first got together it was all a bit strange, trying to get everyone together for rehearsals. And still to this day it’s a struggle to get Zayn out of bed, so…” Liam laughed.
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Saturday, 31. August 2013