Kingston on trial for rape

Sean Kingston's 2010 gang rape case has been reopened with a trial date set for later this year.

Sean Kingston will face trial for alleged gang rape in November.

The singer has been accused of raping a drunk teenager in his hotel room in 2010, but Sean insists the allegations are untrue.

TMZ have named the woman as Carissa Capeloto, now 22, and say she claims to have been forced into sex with Sean, his bodyguard and a member of his band in a Seattle hotel.

The girl is said to have smoked marijuana and consumed between seven and ten shots of vodka before she was invited back to Sean’s room for a meet-and-greet, following a Justin Bieber concert.

All three men are being sued by the woman, after she claims Sean was waiting for her naked on his bed when she entered the room.

According to TMZ, the woman claims the bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Sean and all three men then raped her while she was “obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent”.

The woman’s friend later entered the room and rescued her, after which the police were called and she was taken to hospital and treated for “physical injuries consistent with rape”.

She says her life has been “ruined”, that she has difficulty sleeping and suffers mood swings and panic attacks.

The minimum she is asking for is $5 million.

Criminal charges against Sean were dropped in 2010, when it was concluded the woman wasn’t credible enough for a case.

The singer has filed legal documents which insist the sex was completely consensual.
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Friday, 30. August 2013