Gomez: VMAs win blew my mind

Selena Gomez was not confident she would go home from the MTV Video Music Awards with a trophy on Sunday.

Selena Gomez didn’t expect to win an MTV VMA, so concentrated on One Direction “looking pretty”.

The 21-year-old singer won the Best Pop Video moonman for the accompaniment to her track Come & Get It at the ceremony on Sunday. She was astounded as she had previously been convinced she’d walk away empty-handed.

“I really didn’t think I was going to win,” she told Access Hollywood.

“It was so funny, I was sitting next to Taylor [Swift] and she was grabbing my hand, and I was like, ‘It’s OK. I don’t think I’m going to win.’ And I sat there and I’m watching the One Direction boys looking all pretty, and they said my name and I was like ‘OK, this is great!’”

The former Disney child star is glad she claimed the gong because she has put her all into revamping herself for an adult music career.

“It’s such a great plus because I’ve really worked hard on this record,” she continued. “It’s great when people focus on the things that they need to focus on.”

Selena and country musician Taylor are known for being best friends in the industry.

Event bosses always pair the girls up for bashes so they can have a good gossip together.

“Honestly, every award show that I go to, they know if Taylor is coming I need to sit with her because she’s like my gal pal and it’s good to like have my best friend with me,” she said.

Selena appears in new flick Getaway with Ethan Hawke and she loved playing a woman whose vehicle is appropriated by a former race car driver to save his kidnapped wife.

“It was fun because a lot of people don’t really expect me to take the roles that I’m taking,” Selena confessed. “They want it to be a little bit more commercial and so I’m excited that I get to take on movies that people don’t expect me to be in.”
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Tuesday, 27. August 2013