LiLo’s mom 'is bad influence'

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina Lohan is apparently likely to drink in front of her recovering daughter.

Lindsay Lohan’s mom is reportedly her “biggest enabler”.

There are fears Dina Lohan could jeopardise the star’s bid to stay sober following her latest rehab stint.

Apparently Dina is the reason Lindsay has such difficulty staying focused.

“Dina is probably Lindsay’s biggest enabler,” a source told In Touch magazine. “She’s always been a partier and still is.”

Those close to the family are worried Dina won’t tone down her wild ways despite her daughter recently emerging from rehab after a 90-day court-ordered stay.

Apparently she is likely to consume alcohol in front of Lindsay even though she allegedly has a problem with booze and prescription pills.

“She will probably drink in front of Lindsay,” the insider continued.

However it seems the Mean Girls star is determined to stay clean.

Even if Dina is a bad influence Lindsay has learned to make her own decisions.

“When Lindsay was in her addiction, she was listening to what other people said,” the source added. “Now she’s saying, ‘This is my own life and I’m going to live it the way I want.’"

New concerns for Lindsay include her “online shopping addiction”.

The 27-year-old left the Cliffside Malibu clinic at the end of July and it has been revealed that while she was detoxing she developed a new obsession.

“Lindsay would shop online ALL day. It was like an addiction,” a former patient told RadarOnline.

“She would drop $5,000 a day no problem. Mostly on clothes.”

Lindsay is said to have received a constant stream of deliveries during her time in the facility.
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Saturday, 24. August 2013