Perry 'wary of wedding'

Katy Perry is apparently wary of facing potential "trauma" by marrying John Mayer.

Katy Perry is reportedly reluctant to “rush” into marriage with John Mayer.

The singer went through a divorce from her ex-husband Russell Brand in 2011 and since August 2012 she has been in an on/off relationship with John Mayer.

Things seem to be going well for the pair right now, but 28-year-old Katy is said to be wary of settling down after her first failed marriage.

“John wants to make a proper commitment to Katy and close friends think it’s only a matter of time before he gets down on one knee,” a source divulged to British magazine Star.

“But Katy doesn’t want to rush into anything, as she thinks that’s what went wrong with Russell. Their divorce was only finalised last year so it’s still raw. She isn’t prepared to go through that trauma again.”

Katy met Russell in 2009 and the couple became engaged that same year.

They married in India in October 2010, but Russell filed for divorce after just 14 months.

Earlier this year Katy even revealed the UK comedian broke up with her via text and claims he didn’t speak to her again after.

“It’s hard for Katy not to be over-cautious after she was hurt so badly by Russell. She loves John and wants to do things properly and at the right time. She says there’s no rush, but it will take her time to come round to the idea of getting married again,” the insider finished.
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Friday, 23. August 2013