Liam Payne: I have no worries

Liam Payne feels very relaxed and carefree at the height of his band One Direction’s success.

Liam Payne feels like he has entered a “new dawn”.

The 19-year-old One Direction singer has sold millions of albums and he is now on top of the world.

Liam enjoys living a carefree life and isn’t bothered by much of anything anymore.

“It’s a new dawn for Liam — I’m having a laugh now,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “I’ve let loose in the sense that I haven’t got that much to worry about any more.”

Liam still takes his professional obligations seriously despite being relaxed about most things in his life.

He has found a happy medium between being ambitious and having a good time.

“I’m still quite mature but whether I’m sensible I’m not so sure,” he explained.

“The first year or so, I used to just get up, go to work, go to the hotel and go to the gym and that was it. But I’m up for it now.”

Liam reveals that the entire group looks to one particular bandmate for guidance when they are feeling stuck.

“We go to Lou [Tomlinson] for advice really now, even though he’s as mad as a hatter,” Liam laughed.

Although Liam is happy he has “let loose” in certain areas, the star is romantically monogamous.

Liam jokes that he hasn’t quite gone crazy “in the Harry Styles sense” with women.

He debuted his new girlfriend, his childhood friend Sophia Smith, to the world at One Direction’s This Is Us movie premiere in London this week.
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Friday, 23. August 2013