Lilo 'won't ditch ex-addict pal'

Lindsay Lohan apparently thinks Vikram Chatwal is "good company", despite his past issues with drug abuse.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly thinks hanging out with a friend who has been through rehab will help her recovery.

The actress has raised eyebrows after being seen out with Vikram Chatwal, who was arrested for drug possession in April. Lindsay finished her latest rehab spell last month and has apparently dismissed fears about the suitability of her friendship with Vikram.

“We’re told Lindsay thinks Vikram is good company because, like her, he’s been through several rehab stints… and is currently in recover,” reports TMZ.

Lindsay’s latest treatment stint was court ordered in relation to a car crash she was involved in last year. Since checking out she has insisted she is making positive changes to her life, with claims she has cut the vast majority of her social circle from her life.

Despite this, she apparently sees Vikram as a “positive” influence and is not concerned her sobriety could be threatened.

However, TMZ claims several drug counsellors fear Lindsay is treading a dangerous line. It is “not recommended” for those who have recently left rehab to have anything to do with people who also struggle with addiction issues.

Lindsay has appeared intent on turning her life around since her rehab spell. She initially planned to travel to Europe soon after leaving Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center, but decided against the trip on the advice of Oprah Winfrey.

She gave the talk show host an interview shortly after checking out in which she admitted being an addict and struggling with alcohol abuse.

Her father Michael Lohan has defended his daughter’s choice to friends, insisting he has every faith that she is making the right decisions.

“I trust Lindsay’s judgment,” he said this week.

“Lindsay vets everyone around her and I’ve spoken with Vikram, my son Michael has spoken to him and he’s not going to be involved with her and drugs anymore."
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Thursday, 22. August 2013