Simon Cowell 'nervous' about mom meet

Simon Cowell is gearing up for a formal introduction between his pregnant lover Lauren Silverman and his beloved mother Julie.

Simon Cowell is apparently “more nervous” about his pregnant lover meeting his mother than he is about becoming a father.

The television mogul is expecting his first child with newly-divorced socialite Lauren Silverman. Simon, 53, is reportedly keen to make Lauren a serious fixture in his life and is anxious ahead of her meeting his beloved mother Julie.

“Lauren is flying to the UK to be formally introduced to Simon’s mum. He’s more nervous about that than becoming a dad! Simon’s mum is the boss. He wants her approval, and for Lauren and Julie to become close,” a source told British magazine Closer.

“It means everything to him that the two most important women in his life form a good bond.”

Lauren, who was married to Simon’s friend Andrew Silverman, is believed to have settled her divorce from the businessman this month.

Simon is now ready to resume his duties to Lauren now the initial scandal has started to die down.

“Simon sees Lauren as family now and says they have a bond for life. He wants to do everything in his power to honour her and their child,” a source revealed.

“Simon is in a much calmer place now and feels as if life is getting back to normal. He’s confident that everything is going to work out fine. He never intended to hurt anyone and Lauren’s ex Andrew remains a good friend.

“Simon’s playing his cards close to his chest, but it’s clear he has deep feelings for Lauren. Marriage isn’t such an off-limits idea and Simon’s mum would want that for him.”

Simon had been keeping quiet about the situation, but yesterday broke his silence.

The music mogul spoke at the premiere for One Direction’s movie This Is Us.

“[I’m] proud to be a dad,” he told BBC News.

“Things are changing in my life right now. [It’s] something I haven’t thought of before and now I know I feel good about it."
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Wednesday, 21. August 2013