Lena Dunham: Let's table dance!

Lena Dunham is hoping to spice up the read-through of the script for Girls season 3 with a table dance.

Lena Dunham is hoping the next script reading session for Girls turns into a “table dance”.

The creator-and-star of the hit TV show is currently working on the third season alongside co-stars Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet.

Lena likes to turn mundane production meetings into more eventful occurrences and wants to have fun at a script run-through tomorrow.

“Final table read of Girls season 3 tomorrow. Hoping it will turn into a table DANCE (sic),” she joked on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Season three of Girls will air from January 2014. Lena, 27, is fully immersed in the new series and has joked that she has nothing else to talk about – unless it’s what she’s eating during her breaks.

“We are now at that point in the season where I am disengaged enough from society that the only thing I ever talk about is lunch (sic),” she deadpanned.

Lena has been urging her fans to watch a teaser trailer for the third season of Girls by posting a series of links to it this week. In the short clip, which features a sequence of photographs, Lena and her co-stars show off their fine figures in swimsuits.

Lena recently revealed that directing the series has become harder for her as time has gone on.

“It has, counter intuitively, become a bit more challenging. I am far more aware of camera, sound, costumes and blocking than I was when I started. I had a blissful ignorance that let me simply exist in a scene. Now I am pickier, with a stronger vision for my work,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“That makes it harder to let go the way you need to in order to do your best work as an actor. I rely on Jenni Konner, my partner in all things Girls, to let me know if I seem present in a scene. And I make sure to do one take where I say to myself: ‘Blocking be damned! Camera positions can go to hell! This one’s for me!’”
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Wednesday, 21. August 2013