Max Irons: I’ll never stop working

Max Irons isn’t interested in ever retiring from acting.

Max Irons doesn’t want to be “nowhere in six years”.

The 27-year-old The Host actor will never retire, as he is keen on professionally expanding until he is quite an old man.

“You don’t want to earn your millions and then be nowhere in six years,” he explained to Town & Country magazine.

“I want to be working in 60 years.”

Max is the son of famed thespian Jeremy Irons and the star often looks to his father for insight on taking professional risks.

“My dad [Jeremy Irons] said once, ‘Max hasn’t really had an opportunity to fail privately.’ ” Max recalled.

“My dad worked on small stages, instead of finding himself on the big screen, where if you fail, you’ve failed very, very publicly.”

Max previously confessed that having an actor father isn’t always pleasurable.

The star doesn’t want to talk about his career with relatives all the time.

“It’s not always easy, we try and separate work and family,” he told French magazine Jalouse previously.

“You don’t want your parents to act like they are your manager and even if they try to warn you against the downsides of the job, you want to check yourself. Apart from that, I don’t mind people pointing at me saying ‘he’s the son of’, it’s a fact."

Max is currently filming dramatic thriller Posh and has also joined the cast of forthcoming biographical drama Vivaldi.
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Tuesday, 20. August 2013