Zayn Malik: I’m crazy

Zayn Malik's girlfriend Perrie Edwards was "shocked" when she first saw his tattoo of her.

Zayn Malik is happy to be labelled “the crazy one”.

The 20-year-old makes up one fifth of boyband One Direction, which also comprises Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

He’s currently dating Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and recently invested in a cartoon version of his girlfriend on his right bicep.

The extravagant tribute is one that matches his personality.

“It’s not a direct portrait but it’s all the things I like about her," he smiled to British newspaper The Sun. “I didn’t tell her before I had it done and just surprised her with it when I came back from the States one day. She was shocked at first but loves it now. She thinks I’m crazy, like everyone else does. To be fair, I am a little bit crazy… I’m happy to be labelled the crazy one of the group.”

One Direction were formed on The X Factor UK and came third in the 2010 series.

Since then they have enjoyed success on a global scale, selling out arenas on their Take Me Home tour.

Zayn’s busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for his less crazy hobbies.

“If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be at uni. I wanted to, and still quite want to, do an English degree," he revealed. “It’s frustrating because I don’t get any time to read on tour.

“I don’t get time to call my mum and dad, never mind get stuck into a book. As soon as I try, I fall asleep. I do want to get a Kindle though, perhaps that would make it a bit easier.”

The boys are currently in London to promote their upcoming film This Is Us.

In September they will be back on the Australia leg of their tour, but Zayn isn’t sick of hanging out with the band just yet.

“We’re like brothers. I don’t feel like I want to be away from them when we finish touring. We go round each other’s houses for a cuppa when we’re off," he grinned.

“Those four lads are the only ones who really understand how it is. They have my back with everything, but they’d tell me if I’m acting like a d**k too. They’d be the first to tell me.

“Oh, and then I’d get a phone call from my mom and dad — and when I do, I’m still like, ‘Sh*t!’ You never outgrow being scared of your parents.”
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Tuesday, 20. August 2013