Gaga ‘felt dead’ after cancelling shows

Lady Gaga insists she doesn’t “feel alive” when she’s not performing.

Lady Gaga “felt dead” after cancelling the remainder of her tour.

The 27-year-old singer underwent hip surgery in February to treat a labral tear which left her wheelchair-bound for several weeks.

She was forced to cancel several US dates on her Born This Way Ball concert tour and to put her new album ARTPOP on hold as a result.

The singer opened up about the ordeal during an interview on US radio show Elvis Duran & the Morning, airing Tuesday, in which she reveals the distress that followed.

“To be honest, I felt dead. When I’m not onstage I don’t feel alive,” the star said.

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, had been hiding painful inflammation through dozens of shows as she toured the world before the condition worsened to the point she could no longer perform.

After a stage injury, the star was rendered unable to walk. She was devastated when doctors told her she would have to cancel about 20 shows for the sake of her health.

“It was [devastating] because I couldn’t finish. I couldn’t give every fan in the United States what they deserved, which was to see that show and continue the message,” she said.

Gaga is now preparing to make a triumphant comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The August 25 show will be her first major performance since undergoing surgery.

The show was meant to follow less than a week after the release of the star’s latest single, Applause. However, Gaga was forced into releasing the track earlier this month after various versions were leaked online.

Her new album, ARTPOP, is scheduled for release November 11.

It will be her first record to hit shelves since 2011’s Born This Way.
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Tuesday, 20. August 2013