Alicia Keys enjoys risky business

Alicia Keys believes taking risks in life is vital.

Alicia Keys says risks help her feel “alive”.

The 32-year-old singer feels confident when she challenges herself.

Alicia believes women should push themselves in this manner to feel empowered.

“When you take a risk by trying out a new place to travel or doing a new class, all of a sudden you’re alive,” Alicia told the UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

“And there’s something great about that feeling – even if you never do it again.”

Alicia is a mother to two-year-old son Egypt. Since his birth she’s learnt to say no, which is a crucial rule for success.

“Women handle so much and it’s a lot of pressure. Becoming a mum has put things into perspective. I stand up for myself way more now,” she added.

“The minute I knew I was pregnant, I wanted to clear the energy around me. I didn’t want people in my life who weren’t nice to me.”

The star has just finished her Set the World on Fire Tour. She previously discussed what it was like bringing her tot on the road with her.

“It is brand new being a mom on the road,” she explained to Entertainment Tonight.

“And it’s going great. He loves it. He’s such a people person. He’s having a great time. We have a little room set up for him at every venue, so that’s great. He has all these toys and fun things to play with… It is a little juggle still kind of figuring out the timing of everything… but I’m happy that he’s with me."
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Sunday, 18. August 2013