Aubrey Plaza's underwear binge

Aubrey Plaza admits to purchasing bizarre items online when she’s under the influence.

Aubrey Plaza buys strange smalls when she’s on Ambien.

The Parks and Recreation star takes the drug prescribed to treat insomnia.

Before it kicks in, Aubrey sometimes finds herself wandering the internet.

The practice can often have strange outcomes.

The actress spoke to People magazine about the last thing she returned after an online shopping spree.

“I accidentally bought a bunch of weird underwear on,” she admitted.

Aubrey blames the popular shopping website’s user-friendly interface for the mishap.

She said programmers make it far too easy to purchase items you don’t want.

“The Amazon one-click will get you. I think I clicked them by accident. Or I Ambien-bought them,” she mused.

Aubrey recently spoke about her penchant for a different kind of fashion.

The star told America’s GQ magazine her style is very laidback although she lusts after looking like she was “born” to wear high heels.

According to the article, published in the August issue, Aubrey arrived for the interview wearing a motorcycle helmet and hoodie.

She suggested editors should overlook her style blunder and proposed a revised introduction for the piece.

“Aubrey Plaza arrived in a stretch limousine and a Zac Posen, um, shift dress. And an effortless… um… and she looked like she was born to wear high heels,” she mused.
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Sunday, 18. August 2013