Amanda Bynes 'did weed workout'

Amanda Bynes' friend has spoken out about her marijuana addiction, saying she smoked the drug "morning, noon and night".

Amanda Bynes reportedly smoked weed while working out.

The 27-year-old was placed under involuntary psychiatric hold last month after displaying worrying behaviour over the last few months.

Amanda’s friend Ana Rivera says the troubled star had a problem with her smoking habit in the months leading up to her hospitalisation, which took over her life.

“She’d smoke all the time – morning, noon and night. I would go see her pretty much every day and she was chain-smoking joints. She would smoke five in an hour. One time she had me roll ten joints and then smoked all of them one after the other,” she told British magazine Heat.

“She walked to the elevator smoking. She wasn’t even wearing workout clothes – she wore a black leotard and huge sneakers – and then got on the running machine with a joint.”

Amanda caused huge concern when she set fire to her trousers last month. The star’s mom Lynn Bynes was recently granted temporary legal conservatorship over her daughter, and Ana is relieved she is finally getting help.

“If she hadn’t set fire to herself on that night, then she would never have received any help,” she said. “Bizarrely, that incident could have saved her life. It’s really sad but it’s a relief that she’s finally getting the help she needs.”

Ana also revealed Amanda’s irritations ahead of her getting treatment.

“She was frustrated as her parents wanted her to act and she didn’t want to do it anymore. Amanda said the only movie she liked herself in was Hairspray,” she said.

“She really wanted a fashion line like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – and even Paris Hilton. She mentioned Victoria Beckham and wanting to bring out a book just like her style guide. She always wanted to be like that. She talked about Kate Upton, as she liked her sexy pictures and wanted to do a photoshoot like her.”

Amanda regularly targeted rapper Drake on Twitter, calling him “ugly”. Ana believes the star did this to get his attention.

“She also brought up Drake a lot. She thought he was cute – she really does have a crush on him,” she revealed.
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Saturday, 17. August 2013