Lamar Odom 'freaky' in bed

The woman claiming to have had a 12-month affair with Lamar Odom has revealed his bedroom habits.

Lamar Odom is a “freaky lover”, claims the woman he allegedly had an affair with.

Jennifer Richardson, 29, came forward last month maintaining that the Los Angeles Clippers basketball player had been cheating on his wife Khloé Kardashian for around a year.

The brunette has now gone into detail about her romantic trysts with the sports star.

“Feet and shoes are his thing,” she told In Touch magazine.

“He’s an emotional, affectionate, freaky lover. The chemistry was deep and intense.”

Jennifer also added that Lamar is a “very good lover” who is “intuitive and loves to be touched and have somebody close.”

The North Carolina native met the married star while he was on the road with the Los Angeles Clippers and allegedly started the affair in January 2012.

Jennifer says their relationship spiralled after their first night of passion.

“He came to a club where I was partying with my friends,” she said. “We picked one of them together… she came back to the hotel. It was crazy and he loved it.”

Since Jennifer came forward with her story in July, lawyer Polina Polonsky has also claimed that she enjoyed sexual relations with the sportsman over a six-week period.

Speaking to US Star magazine earlier this month, Polina claimed she met Lamar at the Los Angeles Roosevelt hotel where he was staying due to marriage “struggles”.

“I was under the impression that he had left Khloé, and that’s why he was living at the Roosevelt,” she told the publication.

“He acted completely available and we definitely had a mutual attraction.”

She claims to have spent a few nights with the star at the hotel and insists she has passed a polygraph test to back up her story.
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Thursday, 15. August 2013