Lautner attached to Twilight cast

Taylor Lautner is still close to his Twilight colleagues after working with them for five years.

Taylor Lautner can’t help but stay in touch with his Twilight Saga castmates.

The actor grew up working with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the vampire movie franchise.

Despite taking on other roles since then, he finds it difficult not to naturally keep up with their lives.

“After four or five years of working together and spending that amount of time together, it’s impossible not to [keep in touch],” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m close with everyone. … It’s tough with all of our schedules…but…when we’re both in L.A., we figure out time to see each other.”

The Grown Ups 2 star is determined to develop into a seasoned thespian.

He wants to broaden his horizons and distance himself from his teenage film roots.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many great directors and cast mates. I’ve learned so much from each one of them, and that’s what I want to keep doing,” he said. “I believe you can never stop learning, and I want to keep learning; I want to keep growing.”

The 21-year-old began his role as Jacob Black in Twilight aged 16.

Now he is filming action flick Tracers in New York.

“It’s awesome. I wanted the next movie I did to be very character-driven and challenge me, and this was that,” he confessed. “It does have all the action; it’s a lot of fun, but what really drew me to this project is the relationships between the characters.”

He plays Cam in the 2014 motion picture.

A Big Apple bike messenger, who is wanted by the mafia, “escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger”, according to IMDb.
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Thursday, 15. August 2013