LeAnn Rimes ‘doesn’t want family feud’

LeAnn Rimes apparently had no idea two fans she gave a shout-out to at a recent show were wearing T-shirts that slammed her former love rival.

LeAnn Rimes didn’t intentionally re-ignite her feud with former love rival Brandi Glanville, according to a new report.

The singer married the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian in 2011 after the couple engaged in an illicit affair.

The women have since publicly stated their distaste for one another in several passive aggressive episodes.

Their relationship seemed to have cooled, with both women stating they no longer wished to engage in offensive talk for the sake of their families.

However, LeAnn apparently re-opened fresh wounds at a concert in Littleton, Colorado on Sunday when she gave a shout-out to two men in the audience wearing T-shirts that read “F**K BRANDI”, Radar Online reports.

The shout-out came two days after LeAnn responded to one of the men on Twitter.

“Sweetie, bless your heart!” C U in VIP stn. at the Rocky Mtn Music August 11th! See pic! We support u! @leannrimes,” the message read, promoting LeAnn to write back, “LOVE IT”.

Social media erupted with fury at LeAnn’s apparent support of the vulgar comment.

“Disgusting that you would even comment on that. Just lost another fan. Tired of the BS,” Radar reports one follower wrote. Another accused the singer of “lacking a conscience”.

However, a source close to LeAnn insists she was paying the men a compliment because she liked a pair of giant pink hats they were wearing.

“LeAnn glanced at their pink hats, said awesome and never saw the damn shirts,” the purported insider told the outlet.

“People are trying to make a big deal of it when it is not. She cannot dictate what her fans do or wear.”

According to the source, LeAnn is concerned the incident will now ignite a war-of-words with Brandi, the mother of Eddie’s two young boys.

“She doesn’t want a feud to brew as a result of this. Compared to what Brandi has written about her on Twitter, this is nothing — at all,” the source said.

LeAnn has yet to publicly comment on the report.
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Tuesday, 13. August 2013