Amanda Bynes set for hospital switch?

Lynn Bynes has apparently asked for her actress daughter Amanda to be moved to a "more private" hospital to receive treatment.

Amanda Bynes’ mother reportedly wants the star moved to a “more private” psychiatric hospital.

Lynn Bynes was recently granted temporary legal conservatorship over her daughter after the 27-year-old was placed under involuntary psychiatric hold last month.

Her mother is now keen to move Amanda – who has been displaying erratic behaviour for a number of months – to another centre for treatment.

“Lynn wants Amanda in a more private facility,” a source revealed to Radar Online. “It could happen as soon as this week. She will get better care at a private facility.”

Lynn will apparently continue to “talk to her treating physicians to make any transition smooth.”

The temporary legal conservatorship permits Lynn to control decisions involving the health and finances of her daughter.

It will be in effect until September 30 but it is possible for Lynn to request an extension.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Amanda has had a “breakthrough” in her treatment.

The actress is reportedly being treated for schizophrenia, with TMZ reporting that she has been “showing emotion” – a rarity for people with the mental disorder.

A source told the US website that “Amanda was crying on Wednesday and Thursday night, saying she was scared about the Friday court date – which she did not attend. Patients who cry are viewed as improving, because sadness is typically not in the playbook.”

The insider also revealed that Amanda “spent Thursday night confiding in one of the nurses about her future, saying she’s fine and did not need confinement in a hospital.”

It has been claimed that the star’s ability to form “clear thoughts” has been classed as great progress.

Last week Amanda was placed on an extended psychiatric hold after her doctors pleaded with the court for more time to treat her.

Her absence in Friday’s court ruling was because professionals deemed her “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder”.
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Monday, 12. August 2013