Cee Lo Green: Usher’s like family

Cee Lo Green insists there is no competition between him and Usher as he's like his "little brother".

Cee Lo Green says Usher is like his “little brother”.

The R&B star is returning as a judge and mentor for the fifth season of hit TV talent show The Voice US. He joins former judge Christina Aguilera and permanent fixtures Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Cee Lo and Christina were replaced by Usher and Shakira for season four of the series, but the Forget You star insists there’s no comparison between him and his male counterpart.

“Usher don’t do what I do… from my recollection there’s an awful lot of variety of people who miss what I brought to the show but if I’d had shared that seat with anybody it would’ve been Usher… That’s our baby brother,” he said in an interview with RapFix Live.

Cee Lo feels no pressure about returning after Usher and Shakira’s stint on the show. He believes the original line up comprising himself, Christina, Adam and Blake is a force to be reckoned with.

“To be honest, I don’t know how hot it was, in comparison. I really do believe that in like all honesty that the original chemistry and cast is incomparable and irreplaceable,” he explained.

“I don’t really feel no pressure because I’m bringing my own brand of personality and entertainment and, you know what I’m saying like, eccentricity and all of that kind of, all that good stuff back into the mix of it.”

The alternative judge swaps have provided lucrative for the American show, with producers deciding to switch up the all-star panel season-to-season as a result.

Cee Lo added that the plan is “pretty doable”.
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Friday, 09. August 2013