Jason Derülo wants video ban

Jason Derülo is happy his new promo has been deemed "Not Safe for Work".

Jason Derülo would be proud to have a video banned from YouTube.

The singer is known for producing sexy tracks and the promo for his latest song with 2 Chainz, Talk Dirty, has been deemed ‘Not Safe for Work’ (NSFW).

The joke label warns people off watching the steamy clip while in the office and it’s a title Jason is happy to have.

“Wow, I guess that’s pretty good, that’s my first time making that list, I’m proud of that,” he laughed to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“I didn’t think it was that racy at all; I thought it was right down the middle! I want to be one of those videos that gets banned off YouTube altogether!”

The video sees the singer topless, surrounded by a host of beautiful women.

While he might be pushing the boundaries with his clips, his singer pal Lady Gaga has taken things one step further.

The ARTPOP singer decided to perform the Abramovic Method stark naked in a promo supporting the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI).

While Jason, who has previously supported the eccentric star on tour, is yet to watch the video, he applauds her artistic streak.

“I haven’t seen anything, the only thing I saw was the teaser,” he said.

“She’s creative; she’s always doing creative stuff.”

Jason’s new album Tattoos is scheduled for release in October.
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Friday, 09. August 2013