Selena Gomez: Crushes avoid me

Selena Gomez believes confidence is attractive in a woman.

Selena Gomez has joked her celebrity crushes are staying “far” away from her.

The singer-and-actress is currently single after her on-off relationship with Justin Bieber ended. It was recently revealed that Selena has a soft spot for Jesse McCartney and Logan Lerman, but she insists the guys haven’t been in touch since.

“Gosh, no! I think they’re staying far from me,” she laughed to Access Hollywood. “It’s fine.”

Selena is currently busy rehearsing for her Stars Dance tour. She recently turned 21 and has been showing a sultrier side with new tracks Come & Get It and Slow Down.

The pretty brunette has enjoyed embracing her more mature image.

“I think the most attractive thing about a woman, for me, is confidence,” she explained. “So, because I turned 21 this year and a lot of great things have happened for me, that’s the one thing I want to exude.

“I’ve become a bit more about the red lip and being a little bit more – I like to say confident, as opposed to sexy, even though that’s what I feel. And I feel very comfortable in my skin.”

Selena may have managed to shed her Disney star appearance, but she still has moments when she feels like a teenager. The star often has to pinch herself when she realises everything she has achieved as such an early age.

“I still feel like I’m 15 sometimes when I’m running around and getting to live my dream all the time, but I definitely feel like I’ve become my own person,” she added.
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Friday, 09. August 2013