Andrew Silverman ‘spotted Cowell warning signs’

Simon Cowell is reportedly planning to give Lauren Silverman a $15.5 million home in Los Angeles.

Andrew Silverman has apparently realised there were “warning signs” his wife was having an affair with Simon Cowell.

The music mogul is believed to be expecting a baby with socialite Lauren Silverman, who is married to his pal Andrew. Simon has known Lauren and Andrew for several years, and even enjoyed holidays with the couple. He has been named in divorce papers by Andrew, who was said to be unaware of his wife’s feelings for Simon.

However, TMZ now alleges property developer Andrew has confided in friends that he should have suspected something was going on.

“Several sources close to Andrew say he is telling them looking back there were plenty of warning signs but he just didn’t pick up on them,” reports the website.

Lauren reportedly spent hours talking to Simon on the phone at her home. Andrew apparently knew they liked to “flirt” – but he didn’t realise they had taken their relationship to another level.

Reports are also suggesting that Andrew and Lauren are yet to reach a divorce settlement, but are continuing to talk. It has been claimed they are struggling to agree on custody terms for their seven-year-old son.

Meanwhile, Simon is rumoured to be giving Lauren – who is around 11 weeks pregnant – one of his homes, so she can raise the baby in Los Angeles.

The TV star will apparently hand over the keys to a £10 million mansion on the Trousdale estate in Beverly Hills. He lives nearby, so will be able to regularly visit the baby, which is thought to be due in February.

“Simon has amassed a lot of houses with his fortune and will want to provide for his child," a source told British newspaper The Daily Mirror. “But he seems to give away a house every time he splits from a girlfriend, so he is getting through them more quickly than he thought.

“He has instructed his advisers to let Lauren have the house, which means she can be nearby but crucially not too close so he can get on with his work and usual lifestyle.”

The property boasts ocean views, four bedrooms, a swimming pool and cinema room.

Lauren will reportedly live there with her mother Carole Saland.
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Thursday, 08. August 2013