Selena Gomez: Growing up is tough

Selena Gomez has shared the pressures she faces as she makes the transition to adulthood.

Selena Gomez says growing up is “not easy”.

The former Disney star recently turned 21 and has been taking steps to shed her teeny bopper image.

She says changing people’s opinion of her as she moves away from being a child star is a daily battle.

“I think I’m still making the transition from kid Selena into adult. It’s a natural process and I still feel like 15 years old sometimes,” Selena admitted to Access Hollywood.

“What’s ‘in’ today could be ‘out’ tomorrow. I’m just trying to do my best. I don’t know what’s going to work, whether people will like what I do. It’s not an easy transition and I don’t think I’ve crossed the path yet. I’ve still got a lot of proving myself to do.”

The brunette beauty recently posed for the cover of i-D magazine’s latest issue, where she shows off a sultry grown-up look. Selena denied she is revealing a sexier side to herself, claiming it’s all about her attitude.

“The most attractive thing for a woman is confidence. Because I turned 21 this year and a lot of great things have happened maybe I’m exuding confidence more,” she blushed.

“I like to say confident rather than sexy, but I suppose I’ve become a bit more of a red lip woman.”

Selena is currently working on her Stars Dance Tour, which follows the success of the same-titled album. The positive reception her new music has received stresses her out, as now people have higher expectations.

“After the success of [single] Come and Get It and the record, people expect more and I want to elevate that success so I’m putting that pressure on me. I’m trying to give the best tour I can possibly give. I’m not settled and I want to keep going,” she continued.

“The idea of this tour was my way of stepping up and I want to apply acting to what I’m doing and how I’m living the dream. We have concepts like Alice In Wonderland, which is my favourite movie of all time, and we have the idea of a couple of doors instead of mirrors, which I walk through on stage. I’ve been up there every day creating some incredible stories with my choreographer.”
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Thursday, 08. August 2013