Pink shares touching tour moment

Pink has recalled her most touching moment on tour so far.

Pink has shared an emotional moment from her tour.

The singer is currently busy with the Australian leg of her The Truth About Love Tour.

Over the years, Pink has amassed an adoring army of fans, which help to keep her motivated for performances.

One particularly inspirational moment will stay with the 33-year-old forever.

“The coolest thing happened the other night: I go back into the bathroom to do my vocal warm ups and I go on Twitter to get excited. It’s our 85th show, but everybody else’s first time seeing it and it gets me motivated and ready,” she explained to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“Then I read about this kid, Calvin, who had just beaten cancer, had Down syndrome, who was there; my album had got him through his treatment. And his mom wrote this letter to me and I read it, so at the beginning of So What I know that I’m going straight out to the back.

“I flew out [on a trapeze] and said, ‘I’m coming for you Calvin!’ And I just happened to stop right over the wheelchair section and the mom just started sobbing. I started crying, he was excited; it will go down in history as one of the most amazing moments in my life.”

The singer recently hit back at online abuse, after Twitter trolls commented on her sexuality when Pink waved a rainbow flag during one of her shows.

While some might prefer to ignore nasty comments, the mother-of-one is always happy to speak her mind.

“I go on[line] after I start a fight or insult someone, that’s fun. I get: ‘Ugly d**e, I hope your child gets cancer…’ Anonymity breeds bravado. Everyone’s like, ‘Why do you reply to the haters?’ ‘Cause it’s fun! I’ve never deleted anything,” she explained.

The Truth About Love Tour finishes in the US in December.
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Thursday, 08. August 2013