Lindsay Lohan ‘lives in crisis atmosphere’

The Canyons director Paul Schrader thinks Lindsay Lohan has an uncanny ability to create crises out of anything.

Paul Schrader is waiting to see whether Lindsay Lohan will truly give up her “speedball” lifestyle.

The director worked with Lindsay in his new noir movie The Canyons.

The actress portrays a porn star in the film and she was accused of jeopardising the project in its entirety by being difficult, late to set and displaying unstable behaviour.

Her on-set antics were chronicled by New York Magazine and it appears that the professional tension is ongoing.

Lindsay was released from court-ordered rehab just weeks ago and she didn’t appear at the red carpet premiere for The Canyons on Tuesday.

According to People magazine, Paul addressed the issue with reporters directly just before the screening.

“She’s decided not to be here because she’s worried [about] coming out of rehab [and] hanging out in L.A. for the weekend,” Paul told the media.

“She has been on this Adderall for about five years. It makes her speedy so she has to cut that with vodka. Now you’re dealing with a speedball."

Lindsay is rumoured to be spending time with family in New York City and it appears that Paul is unhappy about her absence.

Although he acknowledges that “people do want to hire her”, the filmmaker suggests the star may have an issue with work ethic.

“[Lindsay lives in a] crisis atmosphere. Everything’s a crisis. And when it isn’t a crisis, she finds a way to make it one,” he told People.

“A lot of it’s up to her. If she can create a reputation of reliability, and that’s her number one problem, she will have a career because people do … like her.”

Lindsay is said to be on the straight and narrow following her 90-stint in rehab and has set up residence in a New York City apartment.

Apparently she enjoys living a peaceful lifestyle without the chaos attached to substance abuse.

“She’s trying to stay away from everything that is a bad influence because she’s trying really hard to do the right thing this time,” a source told Radar Online.
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Thursday, 08. August 2013