Kanye West 'upset by TV stunt'

Kanye West is said to be annoyed about Kim Kardashian's appearance on her mother Kris Jenner's TV show.

Kanye West reportedly thinks Kim Kardashian’s recent TV appearance was a “cheap stunt”.

The reality star made a short pre-recorded video message which featured on her mother Kris Jenner’s talk show last Friday.

This was the first time Kim has been seen since the birth of the couple’s daughter North in June, but it is said to have “enraged” her rapper beau.

“Kanye had been relishing Kim’s break from the limelight. Her fame is a huge bone of contention in their relationship. It was Kris’ idea to get Kim on the show, she needs better viewing figures. But Kanye thought it was a pretty cheap stunt,” a source told British magazine Heat.

“But fame is in Kim’s blood. Having to hide away like she has, has been is tearing her apart. She wants to get back out there properly and share North with her fans. Kanye doesn’t want their baby publicised at all, so the longer she and North are in the house the better as far as he’s concerned. For Kanye, being A-list means less is more. But the Kardashians think more is more.”

Kanye’s views are said to clash with the Kardashian family, who have made their fame and fortune from hit reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Revealing North to the world has been an ongoing battle between the hip-hop star and Kim’s family, especially her mother-and-manager Kris.

“Kanye would like to keep North protected and for her to be as anonymous for as long as she possibly can. But that’s not the way the Kardashians work,” the insider added.

“There’s been no deal for the first photos of North, but that’s not to say Kanye has got his way. A big money offer could still be on the cards.”

The source also added that while Kanye is relishing his new parenting role, he is often caught up with work commitments.

“Kanye is loving the time he spends with North, but he prefers not to be in the family home as it’s so busy,” the insider added.

“Kris thinks Kanye should be at home more, and that Kim should be out there getting photographed and filming the reality show. The whole Kardashian empire is at risk if Kim carries on being so reclusive.”

Meanwhile, Kanye is set to perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 25. The superstar will take to the stage to perform BLKKK SKKK HEAD – the lead single from his new album Yeezus.
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Tuesday, 06. August 2013