Freida Pinto: I need to relax

Freida Pinto says it's a refreshing change when she's not bothered by paparazzi.

Freida Pinto has the best fun when she is relaxed.

The actress attended this year’s Cannes Film Festival and made the most of her trip by arriving before the official event began.

Freida has previously spoken about press intrusion into her private life, and says the festival was made more special as she wasn’t hounded by photographers.

“I got here two days before the festival started. It was probably the best fun I’ve had while I’ve been here, because it was just relaxed and the Cannes experience really was a Cannes experience,” Freida told UK InStyle magazine, in a new interview. “I got to see the place for a change without being bothered by the paparazzi.”

Freida enjoyed eating out while in the Southern French region. The 28-year-old says her busy schedule makes the rare moments of free time blissful.

“I managed to squeeze in some visits to a couple of amazing restaurants when I first got here. There is so much delicious seafood. I made sure I had fun before I got down to business, as now I have no free time,” she added.

Freida is dating actor Dev Patel who she met while filming Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning 2008 movie Slumdog Millionaire.

She has previously described him as her “soul-mate”.

“I don’t think anybody – not even family or friends – can understand what the two of us have been through,” she previously told Interview magazine. “As beautiful as it is, there are parts of it that just become a bit tiring to deal with. The paparazzi, for example, and not having privacy.”
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Sunday, 04. August 2013