Backstreet Boys: We worked so hard

The Backstreet Boys claim the secret to their successful and long career is their music.

The Backstreet Boys had a “grassroots approach” to finding fame.

The ’90s boyband is made up of Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A. J. McLean and Kevin Richardson and they are making a comeback with their new album In a World Like This.

The group has managed to stay successful for so many years because they were formed before TV shows began manufacturing artists.

“[The X Factor] wasn’t around when we started, we had to do the grassroots approach and that’s why we have such staying power and an unbelievable fan base. We don’t have to worry that we were only hot for a while,” Howie told the UK magazine Star.

“It’s the music, we’ve been a bit out of our time. The industry changes but we keep making music that can last for many, many years. "

As well as a comeback album, the boys have planned a tour and have made a film about their return called Now Backstreet Boys – The Movie. The boys are all settling down as they get older, and joked they want their kids to form a BSB Mark 2 band.

Howie wouldn’t mind if his children became famous and dated other chart-topping acts, as long as he can cash in on it.

“Just make sure they’re super, super famous with lots of money because we want to retire,” he jested.

The upcoming movie charts the group’s decision to reunite and shows how they came to rejoin with Kevin, who quit the band back in 2006. Last year he announced he was re-joining the group after a six-year hiatus.

“We always wanted to make a film and now is the ideal time – with Kevin back, the fact that we are masters of our own destiny, a new album in the works and our 20th anniversary all adds up to being the right time to share our story,” the band said in a statement.
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Sunday, 04. August 2013