Sandra Bullock wants show with Melissa McCarthy

Sandra Bullock has called Melissa McCarthy her “kindred spirit”.

Sandra Bullock would “live for” a home renovation TV show with Melissa McCarthy.

The two stars appear in the comedy cop movie The Heat together and are firm friends in real life. They have many of the same hobbies and are particularly interested in making over houses.

“All we care about is renovation, like ripping down walls and restoring structures. Like obsessively! It is obsessive and she was my kindred spirit, like we were separated at birth. I was like, ‘Where have you been all my life,’” Sandra giggled to the British edition of Heat magazine before being asked if the pair would ever consider a renovation TV show.

“We would live for that! But we would have to have no budget and do it out way, however long it took. So I don’t know who’s really willing to invest in that show.”

Sandra and Melissa enjoy spending time together off screen and have been spotted having play dates with Sandra’s son and Melissa’s daughters.

Sandra wishes they had met many years ago as previously she’s never found someone who has shared exactly the same interests as her.

“Myself and Melissa get along really well,” she explained. “We’re very similar with what we do in our off-time – freakishly exactly the same. I never thought there was another weird person like myself who liked the odd things that I do.”
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Sunday, 04. August 2013