Lea Michele 'wants perfect Glee tribute'

Lea Michele will reportedly make sure Cory Monteith is given the write-out he deserves from Glee.

Lea Michele will reportedly ensure Glee producers give Cory Monteith “the perfect tribute”.

The 26-year-old actress had been dating her co-star for over a year when he was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room as a result of a deadly mix of heroin and alcohol last month.

Cory, 31, had depicted Finn Hudson on the American comedy series since its debut in 2009.

Glee executives have now confirmed that Cory will be written out of the show by episode three of the forthcoming season.

Details of Cory’s demise will not be sugar-coated, with drug addiction and the circumstances surrounding his death dealt with directly.

Ryan Murphy, the series creator, has said he would be willing to cancel the entire show if Lea asked him to.

Lea is determined to continue with the programme, even though it will be hard for her.

“Yes, she’s in a really bad way and is wondering how she’ll cope,” sources told UK magazine Look.

“But Cory loved being on Glee – it was his dream and the cast were like his family. He’d never want them to pull the plug on it because of him. So Lea will find a way of getting through this. She’ll figure out how they can make this work, and ultimately… she’ll make sure it’s the perfect tribute to the man she loved on and off screen.”

Show executives have revealed that in light of Cory’s passing, filming for Glee has been delayed and season five will now premiere at the end of September.

Insiders added that Lea’s been questioning whether she’ll ever be able to return to the show. In particular she fears she won’t handle having to act out Finn’s death when faced with her real-life heartache.

“Lea was meant to start filming again this week but she genuinely doesn’t think she’ll be able to do it,” the insider finished.
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Friday, 02. August 2013