Miley Cyrus: I want to leak music

Miley Cyrus supports leaking her music, as she wants fans to hear new tunes immediately.

Miley Cyrus “scares” her record label as she is “always trying” to leak new music.

The 20-year-old singer is preparing to release the as yet untitled follow-up to her 2010 hit record Can’t Be Tamed.

Miley has already captured headlines all around the world for the controversial content of her new music promo for latest single We Can’t Stop. In the video, which has reached over 100 million views on VEVO, the former child star is seen wearing a series of sexy outfits and dancing provocatively at a house party.

Miley has kept mum on release date details or the title of her new EP, but the songstress ensures fans she is eager to get her new tunes out there as soon as possible by any means necessary.

“We could just leak it. That’s what I’m always trying to do,” she told 4Music.

“I scare my label all the time, because I just want my whole record out right now. I’m ready for people to hear it.”

Miley loves sensationalism and is committed to shocking people with her work moving forward.

Although she is tempted to disseminate her music before its official release date, the star withholds specific details about what guests may appear on the songs.

“I’m keeping some of the collabs on the down-low,” she explained.

“That’s what was so surprising when We Can’t Stop came out – people weren’t ready for it, so I want it to be like that."

The We Can’t Stop promo has become the quickest video to reach 100 million views on VEVO.

Miley isn’t surprised it has proven so popular.

“I knew it was going to be great, I knew it was going to go viral like that because it is interesting,” she told BBC News recently.
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Thursday, 01. August 2013