Amanda Seyfried liberated about love

Amanda Seyfried insists playing adult movie star Linda Lovelace hasn't affected her own view of relationships.

Amanda Seyfried was “sexually liberated” before shooting Lovelace.

The actress takes on the role of adult movie star Linda Lovelace in the new movie, who turned her back on the industry later in her life and eventually campaigned against pornography.

Amanda insists the film hasn’t impacted her personal life much, as she has always been confident with herself.

“I’m already sexually liberated,” she told New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l column.

Despite her insistence, the actress admitted regretting some of her previous comments. She famously told Elle magazine that she listens to her intimate parts when deciding whether to date a man, a remark she admits she “shouldn’t have” said.

Lovelace contains sex scenes, but the 27-year-old star didn’t find them embarrassing. Co-star Peter Sarsgaard helped her feel comfortable, although the more violent sequences were difficult.

“The hardest part was being manhandled,” she explained. “I mean it’s hard as an actor to play these scenes, especially when they’ve actually happened and they’ve actually occurred to the heroine.”

Amanda attended the premiere of the movie in New York on Tuesday evening, where things didn’t go quite to plan. An over-eager fan seemingly thrust a pen into the blonde beauty’s eye, leaving her reeling.

“Her people attended to her, and then she continued on to pose, but clearly she was in some pain,” an insider claimed.

Lovelace also stars Sharon Stone and Chris Noth, with Sharon portraying Linda’s mother. She bonded with Amanda on set and feels the younger star has a solid career ahead of her.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to advise another actor about their part,” Sharon said. “But I did enjoy speaking with her and I did enjoy playing her mom and I did feel maternal towards her while we were shooting.”

After the premiere the cast headed to a party at the Refinery Rooftop bar. Amanda caused a stir thanks to her flirty behaviour with actor Justin Long, with the pair looking “cosy” for most of the night. Although their closeness caused some raised eyebrows, a source assured New York Post that they are just friends.
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Thursday, 01. August 2013