Harry Styles amassing ‘statement’ art collection

Harry Styles’ impressive art collection is worth an estimated $151,000.

Harry Styles reportedly likes to collect art that has a “sharp” edge to it.

The 19-year-old One Direction singer is a huge fan of fine art and he reportedly houses a collection worth around $151,000.

Most recently Harry purchased sculpture created by London based artist Ben Turnbull for about $7,500. Ben’s piece sees a gun enclosed in a box similar to one that encases fire extinguishers and text reading “In Emergency Break Glass” is painted over the firearm.

The sculptor is impressed by Harry’s taste in art and his haggling skills, as the star managed to buy multiple pieces for a decent price.

“I did a series of fire alarms with weapons in called Every Home Should Have One. Harry had one with a gun inside. I wasn’t actually at the art fair and I didn’t do the deal, but I’m fairly sure that Harry would have got a little bit of a discount,” Ben explained to British newspaper The Mirror.

“I think he bought a couple of my collage works that are made out of original comics and show giant pictures of firemen, relating to the 9/11 memorial.”

Ben is unclear as to what attracted Harry to his work.

The artist does believe that the boy band member really loves to be intellectually stimulated.

“My pieces tend to give a statement – quite a sharp jab,” Ben mused.

“Maybe that’s what Harry likes about them.”

Harry is enthralled with high culture and has reportedly developed a bond with famous British philosopher Alain de Botton.

“He was very interested in finding out about philosophy. He seemed a very intelligent chap,” Alain told British newspaper The Sun previously. “In an ideal world, Harry Styles would be teaching his ten million Twitter followers a little more about Greek philosophy….

“David Beckham could do Aristotle and Plato. The cause of intellectual life in this country would be helped immeasurably.”
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Thursday, 01. August 2013