The Wanted's Tom Parker in litter trouble?

The Wanted’s Tom Parker could be in trouble with Colorado police for chucking his excrement out of a vehicle window.

The Wanted’s Tom Parker may face legal trouble for littering with his excrement.

The singer went to the toilet in a plastic bag while in a road vehicle earlier this year in the United States.

Now his bandmates are worried he may get a tap on the wrist by police after throwing it out a window.

“I am going to try to avoid Colorado right now but if we do go, Tom needs to get $500 ready,” Jay McGuniess told British newspaper the Daily Mirror. “That was most expensive passing of a number two you [Tom] will ever have.”

The embarrassing event took place before a concert in the state.

The 24-year-old emptied his bowels in a Walmart carrier before carelessly discarding it.

Apparently he could be stopped by Customs next time he tries to enter the country as littering “is a class 2 petty offense punishable, upon conviction, by a mandatory fine of not less than 20 dollars nor more than 500 dollars upon a first conviction,” a representative told the publication.

While Jay is determined to avoid the area, not all of his friends feel the same.

Tom also works with Nathan Sykes, Max George and Siva Kineswaran, and the latter takes no responsibility.

“It wasn’t my s**t out the window… Tom, it was his log,” Siva clarified.

British police recently told the boys off for throwing champagne over a pedestrian.

They poured bubbly over poet Dr. Todd Smith who called law enforcement officers.

The band later said sorry for dousing him in the booze from the second floor window of a London hotel.
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Wednesday, 31. July 2013