Ke$ha: I'd prefer ghost to Gosling

Ke$ha has joked she has no chance with Ryan Gosling because his girlfriend Eva Mendes is “one of the hottest women on the planet”.

Ke$ha would rather date a ghost than Ryan Gosling.

The outrageous singer previously caused a stir when she claimed to have made love to a spirit. She stands by her story, insisting it was one of the best nights of her life.

Quizzed on whether she would rather romance the ghost or hunky Ryan, Ke$ha insisted there was no contest.

“Gosling’s taken by one of the hottest women on the planet [Eva Mendes],” she told British magazine Heat. “So I’ll just let him continue with dating her and I’ll take the ghost… I never had to deal with him texting me, or calling and b***hing a me, so he’d be right up there [in my list of conquests].”

Ke$ha has described herself as a praying mantis in the past and is proud of her man-eater reputation. That said, she is considering switching up the type of men she goes for as her relationships don’t tend to have much staying power.

“I feel like after I sink my teeth into them, men just turn into ladies,” she moaned. “Apparently, I’m attracted to very emotional men, because they all just turn into women. I actually have pretty poor taste in men. Most recently I was dating a totally broke bartender who turned out to be a complete loser!”

The 26-year-old star famously has a crush on One Direction singer Harry Styles and has joked she would like to “spank” him. She also wouldn’t be adverse to sending him a cheeky picture of herself, which she believes is becoming a popular thing to do.

Ke$ha can vividly remember a time when one of her fans texted her an naughty image.

“This one guy in Victoria’s Secret was hitting on me, and for whatever reason I gave him my number and two minutes later he send me a picture of his wiener in broad daylight, right outside Victoria’s Secret! You could see the store in the background,” she marvelled.
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Tuesday, 30. July 2013