Bynes’ parents consider dropping conservator bid

Amanda Bynes’ parents are reportedly considering pulling out of their bid for conservatorship.

Amanda Bynes’ parents are reportedly “ready to drop” their bid for conservatorship.

The 27-year-old former child actress is under a 5150 psychiatric hold after setting a woman’s driveway on fire.

Last Friday a judge denied the request of Amanda’s mother and father, Lynn and Rick Bynes, to appoint them as her conservators while her mental health is being evaluated.

Judge Glen Reiser ordered that a full investigation take place before Lynn and Rick are put in charge of Amanda’s personal and professional affairs.

Apparently Lynn is happy with the magistrate’s decision, as she really doesn’t want to take control over her daughter’s life.

She supposedly just wants Amanda to seek the medical attention that she needs.

“Lynn is ready to drop the petition to become Amanda’s temporary conservator, if her daughter agrees to continue to get medical treatment,” a source told Radar Online.

“Getting the conservatorship was a last-ditch effort for Lynn, in order to get Amanda medical treatment.

“It broke Lynn’s heart to have to do it, and she is really leaning toward dropping it.”

On the same day her parents visited court, TMZ reported Amanda cancelled her own judicial hearing to plead her case for freedom. The website claims she doesn’t want to appear before a judge just yet as she is waiting for her psychiatric “meds to kick in”.

Although Amanda appears to acknowledge she has a problem, it is rumoured Lynn isn’t too optimistic her daughter will make healthy choices.

“[Amanda] is agreeing to stay in treatment. She will say anything to get out and stop her mom from getting a conservatorship,” the source detailed to Radar.

“Lynn needs to carefully evaluate the situation before deciding anything.

“Is Amanda really in the proper state of mind to be making any decisions? Amanda has agreed to get treatment in the past, but then doesn’t follow-up.”

Under her 5150 hold Amanda has been deemed a danger to herself and others. She will remain under the watchful eye of mental health professionals for at least two more weeks.
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Monday, 29. July 2013