Amanda Bynes 'feels stifled by parents'

Amanda Bynes reportedly feels her parents forced her to pursue a career in acting.

Amanda Bynes apparently resents her “overprotective” parents and feels they are always telling her what to do.

The actress is currently under a 5150 hold in California and is undergoing psychiatric evaluation. Last week, Amanda’s parents Rick and Lynn Bynes’ legal bid to become her temporary conservators was denied by a judge.

Amanda’s former friend, model Ana Rivera, claims the star will be feeling relieved that her mom and dad won’t have further influence over her life.

“She didn’t get on with her dad. She said he was too overprotective,” she told RadarOnline. “They tried to get in contact, but Amanda would get mad at them for sending texts, even though they said, ‘Amanda, we love you. Please get in contact.’ She felt like they were telling her what to do. It would always end badly, as she wouldn’t hear what she wanted.”

The star has had a strained relationship with her parents for some years and tried to legally emancipate herself from them when she was a teenager. She later withdrew her petition.

Ana goes on to claim that Amanda’s parents pushed her to pursue an acting career, even though she expressed an interest in fashion.

“Amanda was frustrated, as they wanted her to act and she didn’t want to do it anymore,” she explained. “Amanda said the only movie she herself liked that she was in was Hairspray. She didn’t get any enjoyment out of acting.”

Amanda announced she was retiring from acting in 2010. She then relocated to New York City, to focus on her interest in a fashion career. However, Ana claims that when Amanda asked her mom to look at her design ideas she “didn’t have anything to say”.

Ana alleges Amanda is a danger to herself and others and she fears she could remain in a mental institution for some time.

The 27-year-old actress was placed under a 5150 hold on Monday night last week after setting fire to a woman’s driveway in California.

Last week a judge granted a request to extend Amanda’s psychiatric hold from the standard 72 hours to a full two weeks. It has been claimed the star is showing signs of schizophrenia and medical professionals want more time to evaluate her.

Amanda is due to appear in court to free herself of the psychiatric hold on August 1.
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Monday, 29. July 2013