Adam Levine: Band is a circus

Adam Levine admits that Maroon 5's performances are always similar when they are on tour.

Adam Levine says Maroon 5 are “like a travelling circus” on tour.

The band is set to headline this year’s Honda Civic Tour in August and opened up about what fans can expect when they hit the stage.

The group doesn’t alter performances too much between different towns, preferring to save changes for new tours.

“Well it’s actually quite cool because we are doing two American tours in one year which is great. Each tour is its own statement, and we bring that statement to each town, a bit like a travelling circus, with the same tricks every night,” frontman Adam explained in an official video about the tour.

“But then at the end of the tour we don’t ever want to repeat ourselves, so that’s when we make new changes and throw different songs in there.”

Maroon 5 follow a strict regime before going on the road. It’s different to the rock ‘n’ roll way of life people might expect from bands on tour.

“[We prepare] by getting in shape both vocally and physically,” he added. “It’s the opposite of what you’d think, we start working out and eating healthy. There’s a lot of cardio vascular activity involved jumping around on stage every night.”

At the weekend, Adam appeared at a question and answer session in connection with his role as a mentor on US TV show The Voice.

The singer addressed the controversial “I hate this country” remark he made during the last season of the US singing talent show.

“Everyone makes mistakes. If your intentions are good and someone misunderstands you, regardless of what the scenario is, I think people can see through stupid media hype. No offense,” he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I think that as long as you allow yourself to be who you are, you can’t really defend every single thing you say, and you can’t worry about saying the wrong thing, you just have to say what you’re going to say and stand behind it.”
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Monday, 29. July 2013