Mumford & Sons’ Ted: Morphine kept me relaxed

Mumford & Sons' Ted Dwane has stopped head banging since suffering a blood clot on his brain, with his moves now "all in the hips".

Mumford & Sons’ Ted Dwane was on so much morphine when he suffered a blood clot on the brain he was completely relaxed.

The folk band’s bassist underwent an operation earlier this year, which caused the group to cancel a number of shows. He began feeling unwell following a performance but only realised how serious things were after having an MRI scan.

His bandmate Marcus Mumford explained they were all “sh*tting themselves” when they heard the diagnosis. Although he claims it must have been worse for Ted, the bassist doesn’t agree.

“You say that but it’s funny when it’s you. I was on morphine, to be honest. I was probably the most relaxed,” he told Q magazine.

There were rumours Ted’s illness was caused by his passionate display on stage and although he doesn’t know if head banging had anything to do with it, he has decided to tone things down.

“I’m not sure but it happened during a gig so… I dunno. I just got a bit over excited,” he explained. “You’ll notice today it’s all in the hips.”

The band headlined the Glastonbury music festival earlier this year and have fans all over the world. People are still vocal about hating their blend of folk rock though, but Marcus is uninterested in their comments.

“I don’t really want to hear it. Y’know, it’s fine. We’ve never wanted everyone to like us. But we’ve never been exclusive and we’ve never shut the door on people. But yeah, I don’t wanna hear it,” he explained.

The group have achieved great success in America and cite performing at the Grammy Awards as one of their most pinch-me moments. They have taken to the stage at the prestigious ceremony twice and vividly recall their first sound check, when they could see who was going to sit where as they practiced on stage thanks to the seating plan.

“We were like, ‘Look, it’s Jennifer Lopez in the front row,’” laughed banjo player Winston Marshall.

Marcus added: “Yeah that’s right! ‘Dre, sat right there!’ The first year, I was really encouraged by the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow was up for it and clapping. I was like, ‘Thank you.’ And last year it was Taylor Swift [laughs]. She was the only one.”
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Monday, 29. July 2013