Michael J. Fox: We’ve all got our own Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox chooses to make light of his Parkinson’s disease.

Michael J. Fox finds the need to laugh at the symptoms produced by Parkinson’s disease.

The legendary 52-year-old actor was diagnosed with the degenerative disorder in 1991, but didn’t disclose the news until several years later.

Michael has come to terms with the malady and he no longer views it as a serious issue.

“The way I look at life and the reality of Parkinson’s, sometimes it’s frustrating and sometimes it’s funny,” he revealed to reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Saturday.

“I need to look at it that way and other people need to look at it that way. Beyond that we all got our own bag of hammers…I think people will look at that and say, ‘Yeah, I need to laugh at my own stuff, too.’”

Michael took somewhat of a hiatus from show business around the time of his diagnosis, but in recent years he has returned to the small screen in TV drama The Good Wife.

He is now starring in NBC sitcom The Michael J. Fox Show and the star is comfortable with making jokes about the symptoms of Parkinson’s, including uncontrollable shaking.

“There’s nothing horrifying about it to me,” he said. “I don’t think it’s gothic nastiness. There’s nothing horrible on the surface about someone with a shaky hand. The way I look at it, sometimes it’s frustrating, sometimes it’s funny. I need to look at it that way.”

Michael shares four children with his wife of 25 years Tracy Pollan.

The Michael J. Fox Show debuts on NBC in September.
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Sunday, 28. July 2013