Robert Pattinson ‘smitten with confident Riley’

Robert Pattinson is reportedly getting serious about his new girlfriend, Riley Keough, and adores their relaxed relationship.

Robert Pattinson reportedly thinks it’s attractive that his new girlfriend Riley Keough doesn’t care about her weight.

The Twilight star was romantically linked to Elvis Presley’s actress granddaughter following his split from Kristen Stewart.

Apparently they have quickly grown comfortable with one another.

Robert is said to adore Riley’s relaxed attitude, especially when it comes to eating.

“She’ll eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s in front of the TV and not bat an eyelid! In fact, she’ll get angry with him if he forgets to keep his freezer stocked with ice cream!” a source told America’s OK! magazine.

According to the insider, Robert is keen to take the relationship to the next level.

The hunk said to be eager to make sure his new love interest feels the same.

“He really wants to take her away somewhere so they can find out where this new relationship is going,” the source said.

“Riley’s got him thinking about the future for the first time in a long time.”

Robert and Kristen ended their romance earlier this year.

The couple’s relationship became rocky after Kristen admitted to cheating with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders last summer.

Recent reports suggested Robert had rebounded with singer Katy Perry, however, the Fireworks singer has rekindled her relationship with John Mayer.
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Saturday, 27. July 2013